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      Welcome to Controller Aircraft, above you will see five links. "Home" takes you back to this page, "Search" helps buyers find their perfect airplane, "Sell" helps people in need of selling their aircraft, "Videos" is a link to hundereds of aviation related videos, and "Charter" is a link to a NAC Charter quote request form.  
    Selling an airplane can be an expensive proposition especially when you consider the cost of marketing your aircraft. Make sure that you follow a few easy steps that will save you time and money in the long-run. Assemble a complete Spec sheet this will help you gage the value of your aircraft compared to others on the market. The spec sheet will also help you answer questions as they come in from potential buyers. Make copies of critical logbook entries such as last annual and major repairs and alterations to send to potential buyers. Once you've determined the fair market value, you'll need to tack on a few dollars for the inevitable negotiations and pre-purchase adjustments. Never try and hide any history because a buyer can use the information Here to find out all the history on your aircraft anyway. No matter how perfectly maintained your think your airplane is a new mechanic will find fresh problems on a pre buy.
    Now you're ready to offer your plane to the public. Personally, I wouldn't bother with print ads today. The internet is the ideal medium for aircraft sales because of the global nature of the aircraft market. Give some serious consideration to the specific type of news groups you work with. Although many online aviation marketing companies will charge you a mint for listing your aircraft there are a few aircraft specific organizations that will let you post your aircraft free. Aircraft can also be listed for free on sites like and be upgraded with additional features for pennies on the dollar.